Attorney David M. Lipshutz

I am a sole practitioner. That means I handle your case from start to finish, and you do not get bounced from attorney to attorney.

FullSizeRenderI have 35 years experience. I know what I’m doing, and I’m quite good at what I do. Experience means a lot. If you needed surgery, you probably would not want a rookie surgeon. You’d want someone who’s seen it all and done it all. If you need someone to handle critical matters such as your divorce or custody of your child or paying child support or alimony, you’d also want someone who’s been through it many times, and who repeatedly obtains good results. You’d also want someone who is quite familiar with the local courts, judges, and other attorneys.

I received a J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence) degree from Temple University School Of Law, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a top law school, in May, 1980. I clerked for State Senator Joseph A. Maressa’s firm in Berlin, NJ while in law school. I passed the bar exam on my first try and opened my own law office in February, 1982, after working for a year for another attorney. Thirty-three years later, it’s still only me and my legal secretary Dorie, who’s been with me for 25 years.

I won’t take a case unless I believe I can obtain a good result for you.  On the cases I do take, my results are almost always quite good.  I try to be as professional as possible, but if the other side is unreasonable I will not let my client be walked on.  There are times when I have to be aggressive and times when I don’t.

My recent results have included a substantial settlement, as part of a divorce case, for a husband infecting his wife with an STD that he obtained from an affair.  I also recently recovered a $100,000 judgment after a full trial in a divorce case for a spouse who was physically beaten by her spouse.

I advise clients, I don’t tell them what to do.  It is your case, and your life, and you make the final decisions.  However, if you are not an attorney, it is difficult for you to negotiate and to size up whether a settlement offer is good.  This is where my advice comes in.

I keep you informed.  You receive copies of everything that comes in and goes out on your case.  I want your input.  You know your life better than I do.

I believe in courtesy.  If you call and I’m not available, I get back to you quickly.  You are upset and need answers and do not want to be kept waiting.

I have been a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and Camden County Bar Association for many years. I have been appointed by the Superior Court in Camden County and served as a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel panelist for the last 30 years.

I would be glad to help you out.  Your matter is important, and I treat every one of my cases as important.  Please call my legal secretary Dorie at 856-627-1990 to schedule an initial consultation.  At the consultation, you can fill me in on the background of the case and I can give you my advice on how we should proceed.

David has made the difficult decision to retire after 43 years.

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