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Protective and Restraining Orders | Representation in Domestic Violence Proceedings

Whether you have been the victim of domestic abuse or have been accused of violence against a spouse or domestic partner, you need skilled and aggressive legal counsel to protect your Domestic Violencerights. As a victim, there are steps you can take to prevent the abuser from maintaining any contact with you. If you have been accused of domestic violence, rightly or wrongly, you risk the loss of access to your children, as well as the loss of other basic rights. Attorney David M. Lipshutz can help.

At the office of attorney David M. Lipshutz, in Stratford, we bring more than three decades of success to clients across Camden County and the surrounding communities. Because Attorney Lipshutz is a sole practitioner, you’ll have direct access to him throughout the legal process. We understand that every situation is unique, so we’ll take the time to carefully investigate your case, to learn as much as we can about what happened and what you need to accomplish. We are not a volume practice though—we don’t take every case that comes through the door. We’ll make a thorough assessment and will only agree to represent you if we believe we can obtain a positive result. If we do take your case, though, we’ll keep you involved and informed at all times, so that you know where you stand and can make good decisions about how you want to proceed.

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Our Representation in Domestic Violence Situations

We will represent either party when there have been allegations of domestic violence.

We’ll handle:

  • All matters related to obtaining a protective or restraining order — Attorney Lipshutz will gather all evidence, prepare all required pleadings or documents, and appear as your advocate in any hearing or proceeding necessary to obtain or challenge an attempt to get a protective or restraining order
  • All court proceedings related to allegations of domestic violence — We will represent either side in civil proceedings arising out of accusations of domestic violence, and will defend individuals in criminal proceedings related to domestic abuse.

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