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When your marriage has ended and divorce is the only option, the emotions that surface can make it difficult to know what is in your best interests. How should custody be arranged? Is Divorcespousal support necessary or appropriate? How will you divide the debts and assets accumulated during the course of your marriage? You want an experienced, aggressive and compassionate attorney to protect your interests, someone who helped others successfully resolve these issues and move forward.

At the David M. Lipshutz Law Office, we have been strong and effective advocates for men and women in Stratford, Camden County and the surrounding communities for more than 30 years. We built our reputation on a commitment to personal service and attention—you’ll always work directly with Attorney Lipshutz. Over the past three decades, we’ve combined an aggressive approach with a thorough knowledge of the law to attain an outstanding record of success. We carefully choose the cases we accept—we won’t take your time or your money unless we firmly believe we can make a difference.

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Our Divorce Practice

We work with men and women at all stages of a divorce, from the decision to file through negotiated settlements or trial to post-judgment motions for enforcement or modification. We handle all matters related to or arising out of divorce, including:

  • Child custody and parenting time — We will help you work out custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your minor children, while protecting your rights as a parent.
  • Spousal support or alimony — Attorney Lipshutz will help you determine whether an award of alimony or spousal support is warranted and, if so, how much should be paid and for how long
  • The division of marital assets and obligations — We’ll help you equitably distribute all debts and assets acquired during the marriage, including real and personal property, financial accounts, retirement plans and business assets
  • Child support — Attorney Lipshutz will review any child support order for compliance with New Jersey guidelines and to ensure that all relevant income is included in the calculation.
  • Contribution to college or trade school expenses, contribution to children’s extracurricular activity expenses, contribution to health expenses for children not covered by insurance, allocation of income tax exemptions for children, whether to file income taxes jointly or separately – these are some of the issues in a divorce that are often overlooked, but they are critical and must be negotiated skillfully as part of an overall resolution.
  • Tort Claims – Attorney Lipshutz has quite successfully pursued claims for money damages from torts between spouses (e.g., assaults, transmittal of STDs) as part of divorce resolutions.

We represent parties in same-sex marriages, offering the same services as in other divorce proceedings. We also know from experience that marital problems can be a result or a cause of domestic violence. We will represent either side in any matter related to or arising out allegations of domestic violence.

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