Child Support and Healthcare Expenses in New Jersey

Must Child Support Include Payment of Medical Insurance Premiums for Minor Children?

Child Support and Healthcare Expenses in New JerseyWhen you are involved in a divorce in New Jersey and there are minor children, you can expect that the court will order the non-custodial parent to pay some amount of child support. That support is intended to cover the non-custodial parent’s share of fixed and variable expenses, from shelter to food, clothing, transportation, personal care and entertainment. Is it also allotted to cover some of the costs of medical care or medical insurance? Sort of…

Medical Expenses under the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

The New Jersey child support guidelines do not require that a child support order contain any provision for payment of medical expenses or for payment of medical insurance premiums. The guidelines do, however, make it clear that the support award includes payment for the first $250 per year of unreimbursed medical expenses incurred on behalf of a minor child. Accordingly, it’s important to understand, if you are the recipient of a child support award, that you will be solely responsible for the first $250 per year of medical costs not covered by insurance. As the payor, you have no responsibility for that amount. Amounts beyond the $250 will be ordered paid as per each party’s percentage of total gross income.

The costs of health insurance coverage for minor children are not included in a basic child support obligation. However, if you are paying additional expenses for health insurance premiums for your children, those costs may be considered when calculating the amount of child support. To have it taken into account, though, you will typically need to show how much of your monthly health insurance bill is for your minor children.

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