Coronavirus Family Law DisputesI have already fought for many clients involved in coronavirus pandemic parenting time disputes. Those disputes are emotional. There are three important documents to keep in mind:

  1. New Jersey Statute 9:2-4 provides that it is the public policy of New Jersey for children to have “frequent and continuing contact” with both parents in separation and divorce situations.
  2. Court Orders as to parenting time are valid and enforceable, even during a pandemic.
  3. Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 107, which generally requires most people to stay at home, specifically exempts “visiting family members as a caretaker”.

I will not let a parent use the coronavirus to deny my client his or her court-ordered time with a child.

That said, both parents must comply with the Governor’s ordered precautions (e.g., social distancing, hand-washing) while he or she has care of a child. Do not give the other parent an excuse to withhold the child (e.g., Facebook post of parent and child at a crowded gathering).

When one parent is ultra-cautious, and the other less so, I work to try to find a fair and reasonable middle ground, as in any other dispute.

There are economic coronavirus disputes as well, e.g., payment of child support and/or alimony when the payor has been laid off or furloughed and dividing the stimulus checks for the child.

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Coronavirus Effect On My Practice

Coronavirus Effect On My PracticeMy legal secretary Dorie and I continue to work from my office. However, in an effort to protect clients and us, the office is locked.

I speak with clients by phone and communicate by e-mail. There is a box outside the front door for drop-offs of documents.

I participate in court proceedings by Zoom video conferencing or phone. The courts are still open, although many proceedings have been postponed.

Many legal needs do not stop, even during an epidemic. In fact, the epidemic has caused some new legal needs (e.g., refusal of parenting time because of the lockdown). I continue to work on, and resolve, my clients’ legal needs. I have resolved several parenting time and support disputes in the last few weeks.

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